CCTL Print Centre


How it works:

Our print centre operates Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. We operate on the weekend for reprints only. New jobs must be received during the work week. For weekend reprint service you must call 587-329-9549 by 9:30 am for same day service.

Large Format Printing:
We do offer large format printing. The pricing for this type of printing is calculated by the square millimetre and varies depending on the type of paper and the amount of ink used. Because this is a difficult item to price, please contact us a rough estimate at 587-329-9541 or by email at We are still cheaper than Staples.
Types of Large Format Paper we carry are Plain, Satin Photo Paper, Adhesive Matte Vinyl and Back-lit film.

File Format:

Email a “print ready” PDF to by 9am of the morning you need the programs and your programs will be ready for pick-up by 4pm that day.

Pick Up & Delivery:
We will send an email when your print job is ready for pick up. We do not deliver, you can come pick up your print job or, if you would like to send a courier for pick up, you can certainly do that, just let us know who will be coming.

We will invoice you for your prints either on a per print job basis or at the end of a run of a show. Just let us know your preferences. See our price list below.

The Fine Print:
Please note we are just starting out offering this service so please bear with us while we iron out the hiccups. Remember that timelines are an estimate and we can not always guarantee that your prints will be ready by 4pm due to in house print volume and other print requests. We will always let you know if we are not able to accommodate your request, however the more time given to us to complete, the less likely delays will occur.

For more info please contact Kaleigh Wilson at 587-329-9549 or by email at Mon- Fri 9am-5pm.


Colour Cost per page
11X17 $                       0.19
8.5×14 $                       0.17
8.5×11 $                       0.17
Black & White Cost per page
11X17 $                       0.05
8.5×14 $                       0.04
8.5×11 $                       0.04
For example: a 12 page program is 3 sheets of letter paper, printed double sided, folded & stapled in the middle. A 16 page program is 4 sheets of letter paper etc..
All Pages Colour Cost per program
8 Page Program $                       0.65
12 Page Program $                       0.97
16 Page Program $                       1.29
20 Page Program $                       1.62
24 Page Program $                       1.94
28 Page Program $                       2.27
All Pages B&W Cost per program
8 Page Program $                       0.11
12 Page Program $                       0.17
16 Page Program $                       0.23
20 Page Program $                       0.28
24 Page Program $                       0.34
28 Page Program $                       0.40
Colour Covers & B&W Pages Cost per program
8 Page Program $                       0.38
12 Page Program $                       0.44
16 Page Program $                       0.49
20 Page Program $                       0.55
24 Page Program $                       0.61
28 Page Program $                       0.67
All Pages Colour Glossy Paper Cost per program
8 Page Program $                       0.76
12 Page Program $                       1.14
16 Page Program $                       1.51
20 Page Program $                       1.89
24 Page Program $                       2.27
28 Page Program $                       2.65

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